Fishery Rules – for both Pleasure and Match Anglers

  1. Barbless hooks only
  2. All anglers must have a landing net. The net must be used for all fish
  3. Groundbait to be introduced via feeder or cup only, no balling in
  4. A float must be used unless ledgering and there must be at least four inches between float and hook
  5. No litter to be left. Bins are provided on all lakes and on exit
  6. Maximum of two rods per angler
  7. No floating baits
  8. No Tiger nuts or Chickpeas
  9. Boilie’s can be used on the hook only
  10. Pellets are to be in pellet form. They can be dampened but not formed into a ball
  11. No pole tapping

Pleasure Lakes’ Rules – see the Fishery Rules, plus:

  1. No keepnets

Competition Rules – see the Fishery Rules, plus:

  1. Minimum of three keepnets to be used, one for Silver fish, one for carp of a pound or under and one for Carp over a pound. There is a net lmit of 75lb.

All anglers must comply with the Fishery Rules